Visit Romania: The amazing road of Transalpina

The highest road in Romania is one that offers you the possibility to see some amazing landscapes. Found at over 2000m altitude, Transalpina is just a fascinating experience, especially if the weather conditions allow it.

The drive along this road can offer views of mountain cliffs, clouds racing, a lake, or even animals that will linger all over the place, like cows, sheep or even donkeys. That just makes the experience more authentic, making you feel right in the middle of nature.

Outside of the winter season, when the road is closed, you can enjoy a drive that will take you between the cities of Novaci and Sebes, on this road you can find on maps as DN 67C.
There are few other settlements along the road, like the mountain resort of Ranca. This is a popular skiing town, that is still reachable even during the winter from only one side of Transalpina.

Speaking of skiing, there is another resort close to this road, right next to the Obarsia Lotrului town and the Vidraru lake, which you can also see if you choose to ride the cable cars at the resort. There are several ski slopes here, from the easiest ones for beginners, to the medium and hard ones.
You should not drive along this road during the night, as there is no street lighting. Also, during some portions of the road, there are no side walls or any kind of fences, so caution must be taken, especially because of the altitude. But the drive is rewarding, so by taking it slow, you can thoroughly enjoy the experience.



The ski resort near Obarsia Lotrului


The road

The Obarsia Lotrului ski resort


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