Malaga Car Museum (Museo Automovilistico)

There are many reasons why Malaga in Southern Spain is an enchanting city, the most obvious being its’ location right by the sea. It offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities. One of them might be unexpected, but it is amazing: its’ very own Car Museum, which is actually more than just a car museum. It is a Car and fashion museum.

As you walk around through the exhibition area, next to most of the cars you will find some clothing items that are relevant to the period and the people who would be riding in these cars. There is a sense of elegance and luxury all throughout the exhibition area. This comes firstly from the automobiles, which are beautifully refurbished, polished and maintained. They look fantastic. You just want to hop in and take a ride along the beach while honking all the way.

Secondly, the clothing, fancy hats and exquisite jewelry take you back in time, and make you feel like trying them on, before getting into the cars. These two sides, the cars and the clothing, go together really well. There are some other accessories in the museum, like furniture, lamps, engine grates, old commercials, gauges, and even a petrol station that will catch your eye.

The secret is to look forward but also upwards while you are in the museum. There is a little something all around you. And the good thing is that next to each car that is on display, you will be able to read details about it, like the year, make and model, plus some technical and fun information. There is also a QR code that you can scan for each car, in order to find out more about it.

All the cars on display are exquisite. The oldest ones shown here are from 1903, and the most recent ones are a number of prototypes from the 2000’s. There are so many of them, all mesmerizing, but there are a few that will really stand out. Some examples:
– a 1956 Chrysler model, out of which only 11 copies were made. Such a model was used by the Principality of Monaco, according to the museum
– the Cadillac El Dorado
– a 1985 Limited Edition Excalibur
– a Renault model similar to one that was transported on the Titanic
– the Mercedes “Symbol of Power”
– the 1939 Packard, with its’ luxurious interior and minibar
– the modern prototypes, out of which you have a Star Wars inspired car, a solar car or the car built using airplane parts. This one actually has a spinning wheel in the front.
– and then you have your Porsches, Aston Martins, Maseratti, Ford, Jaguars, Rolls Royce, Bugatti. All of these are splendid and are a must see.
– and apart from the cars as a whole, you will notice some intriguing details on some of these models, like: a 3 wiper windshield; a crystal eagle symbol on the hood; a crystal embroiled hand as the symbol on the hood; retractable headlights; three headlights; the headlights beneath the engine grill; and the list just goes on.

Be sure to visit the museums’ official site for further details on the exhibitions, opening times and ticket prices.




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