Spicy sour vegetable soup

When it’s both spicy and sour that your taste buds are looking for, you can prepare a delicious soup that is all these things.  This recipe is inspired by similar Chinese soups, with some personal adjustments. Read below for the preparation steps.


450 grams vegetable mix (carrots, bamboo, mung mushrooms, leek)
2 Tablespoons Soy sauce
1 Tablespoon Red wine vinegar
Vegetable stock cube
Chilli powder
Dry Lemongrass
50 grams dry rice noodles
1L water


I bought my vegetables from a supermarket, and they were all part of the same Chinese vegetable pack. They were frozen, so i first placed them inside the pot in which i was about to cook them, in 1 liter of water. I left them there until i prepared some other things, so that’s about 15 minutes.

I added the vegetable stock cube. I then proceeded to the cooking part: i turned on the heat and left the vegetables to cook.

After a few minutes i added: the wine vinegar, the soy sauce, while stirring the soup. I threw in a large pinch of lemongrass and some chilli powder (to taste). Keep tasting the soup until is gets to a boil, to adjust the quantity of flavoring. I did not add any salt to the entire composition.

When the soup came to a boil, i threw in the dry rice noodles. The soup needs to cook for another 2 minutes, to allow for the noodles to cook also. Read the noodle packing to make sure you are using those noodles that need to be added into boiling water (some only require warm water).

Turn off the heat and let the soup settle for a while. Then just pour it into your soup bowl and eat as is. Enjoy the sour-spiciness!


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